Ideas 2017

A collection of ideas I’ve had and found amusing enough to write down.


  • Replace lightbulbs by using fibre-optic cables to transfer sunlight from earth’s daytime side to the night-time side. (After an hour of research I figured out that this is not currently possible due to light decaying quickly in fibre optic cables)
  • Put accreditation and certificates on a blockchain (prove you graduated from school [X] by showing you have a token cryptographically signed by school [X])


  • A fancy restaurant where instead of ordering for yourself, you order for the next person/s who eats at your table. You in turn eat what the last person ordered.
  • A restaurant where you pay proportionally to how much time the chef has spent on your meal. $12 for a basic bacon and eggs that takes ~10min, $20 for the same thing, but with more well thought through garnishing and sauces (~20min), $30 for exotic, hand-cut organic bacon and finely prepared truffled eggs (~30min) etc


  • Promote understanding between STEM and the humanities by requiring all engineering students to convincingly explain how their thesis project could be interpreted as contemporary art before they can graduate
  • Illustrate the vastness of the universe in mundane ways: use units of lightyears in running apps, show driving times in millennia
  • Capture the scents of trash from all around the world and turn them into perfumes named after the cities they come from (different foods = different trash = different smells)
  • Most things sound green (original idea behind my blog post)
  • Can you hear the difference between cold and hot water? (the answer is yes, I found this video a few weeks after I wrote this)
  • Measure hormone levels while having an experience (e.g. being in love, hanging out with friends on the beach) and manufacture pills of the same chemical composition

Pet Peeves

  • Audit bus driver driving style by measuring accelerometer data from passengers’ phones while they use the public transport app (Uber already does this, should be easy)
  • Force all lecturers to sit through a recording of one of their own lectures every year so they can see how bad they are and improve